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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  March 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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jason: we are on top of breaking news. a man is killed after being hit by two vehicles on a local room -- a local road. plus,a man is murdered at an orlando apartment complex. what we' re learning abut the investigation. then. >> this guy has lied so much. >> if there is any one who ever deserved to be attacked that
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jason: insults fly at the republican presidential debate. we' ll break down how it all unfolded. wesh 2 news sunrise starts right now. announcer: local, live, latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: good friday morning. i am jason guy. let' s get you out the door with your first alert weather. this camera shows drops on the lens from overnight rain. the temperature is in the 70' s. let' s get to amy sweezey. amy: we are dealing with rain. a cold front is making its way through here today. this rain is out ahead of that front. we will be dealing with it this morning for a couple of hours. once the front slides through, the ring goes away. we will end up with sunshine for your friday. temperatures top out in the mid to upper 70' s. here is where the rain is now.
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county is dealt with the rain. we head south, you can see how the rain is quickly making its way through into brevard. 59 degrees in ocala. 66, melbourne. temperatures will climb. cooler to the north. about a 10 degree difference between palm coast and lakeland. is happening. ted: you cannot get on to i-4 from i-30 four. hopefully that will wrap up. a live camera, state road 44, see the flashing lights, the
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going through there could be slow. some of us have rain-slick roadways. jason: to some breaking overnight news. part of a road had to be shut down after a man was hit by two cars and killed. police tell us the 20-year-old man ran into the eastbound lane and was struck a pickup truck. a second vehicle hit the victim. he was taken to the hospital, where he died. his name has not been released. the road is now back open. a murder investigation this morning. a man was found dead not far parkway. around no one else was hurt. the victim has not been identified and a suspect has not
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now, to campaign 2016. insults fly as the republican candidates for president took to the debate stage in detroit. florida senator marco rubio and senator ted cruz tried to take down donald trump. steve handelsman breaks down the heated debate. >> it got nasty fast. trump versus rubio. >> this little guy has lied so much. >> marco rubio defended calling donald trump' s anatomy small. >> if there is any one who ever deserved to be attacked that way, it' s been donald trump. >> and he referred to my hands and their small something else must be small. i guarantee there is no problem, i guarantee. the next fight, primaries and >>the next fight, primaries and polls with ted cruz. >> just for the record, i' ve won 10. he' s 13 or four? >> two thirds of the people who have cast their votes in the republican primary of caucus have voted against you.
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he' m at 49. he loses to hillary clinton. >> john kasich whose home state votes march 15. >> i beat hillary clinton more than anybody, by 11 points. >> the next fight, did trump on tape tell the new york times he would not deport 11 million migrants? >> there' s a difference between flexibility and telling people what you need to get them to do what you want them to do. >> why don' t you release the tapes?release the tapes, what are you hiding? >> i' ve given my answer, lying ted. i' ve given my answer. >> name calling. and an effort to take down the frontrunner while there' s still time. jason: here in central florida, preparations are underway for donald trump' s visit to ucf tomorrow. a growing number of students say they' ll protest his rally at the cfe arena where thousands of supporters are expected to gather. campus police are assembling designated protest areas across the street from the arena. still many students say they are
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of the campaign stops. >> as long as you' re going to be having the political process, you need to hear all sides of it. whether it' s personally offensive to you, that' s something for you to decide, jason: tickets for the rally are free. the speech is set to start at noon. check out our politics section online at or the wesh 2 mobile app. charged after a child accidentally shoots herself, walks out of jail. police say he left the loaded gun under a couch, where the six-year-old found it. wesh 2' s chris hush has the new details. chris says the you have anything to say to the family? >> god bless america. >> talk to my lawyer. >> 35-year-old erik williams is out of jail released thursday
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bond. he was arrested earlier this week when a 6-year-old girl he was babysitting, found a loaded gun and shot herself with it. chris says -- chris: why was the gun stored under a sofa? >> you' ve got to talk to my lawyer. >> no comment. >> are you going to fight the charges? >> no comment. jim car. >> police say the 6-year-old found the gun under a sofa tuesday night at this home on highlawn avenue in sanford. she would later die from her injuries. >> the patient is in the trauma bay right now. >> in newly released 911 calls, you hear medical staff call authorities when the child was taken to the emergency room after shooting herself in the shoulder. >> it' s not his gun, he don' t carry a gun, he' s not a violent person. >> earlier thursday, the suspect' s mother told wesh 2 that williams' intentions were good. she also confirmed to us that the 6-year-old victim was williams' fiance' s niece. when asked if he felt bad for what happened.
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>> you don' t have to say anything else. jason: that was chris hush reporting. williams still faces 3 charges. child neglect, unsafe storage of a firearm, and possession of a weapon by a felon. his next court appearance is on april 5. a brother and sister accused of stealing money from a girl scout are expected to face a judge today. 20-year-old nicholas delbrugge and his sister, 25-year-old ashley winters turned themselves in yesterday. delbrugge allegedly grabbed a 12-year-old girl scout' s cash box while she was selling cookies in front of a deltona wal-mart on sunday. a police officer recognized the man and tracked him down. investigators say the pair worked together to pull off the crime. happening today, the owner of the king cobra that escaped will try to have his charges thrown out. mike kennedy is set to appear in orange county court this afternoon. he filed a motion last month to have all three misdemeanor charges against him dismissed. the state charged kennedy for failing to provide proper housing for the snake, resulting in its escape last september. the cobra was found a month later. we will learn new information today about scott kelly'
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year mission in space. nasa is holding a news conference today now that kelly is back in houston. over the course of the 340 day mission, scientists observed the toll zero gravity took on his body. kelly says while his mission was an important one, he knows it was just one of many more to come for the u.s. space program. tonight, spacex will try to launch a falcon 9 rocket for the fifth time. the launch window opens at 6:35 this evening. high-altitude winds forced tuesday night' s attempt to be scrubbed. weather and technical problems have been behind each delay. the rocket will carry a navigational satellite for asia into orbit. you can watch the launch live when it happens in the wesh 2 mobile app. a historic partnership. the program one local city and uber are set to announce today. then a truck overturns in a canal with three teens inside. the quick effort by rescuers to save them. let' s take you back outside.
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most accurate forecast that
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amy: welcome back. we have a little bit of rain in central florida right now. through the next couple of hours, the rain is going to exit the area and we will end up with cooler drier air. most of your friday will be your
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the clouds will clear and we will end up with sunshine. warmer in the inland spots and to the south. cooler to the north. daytona beach will be at 72. here is the front rolling through. the front is north of us. all of this rain is ahead of the front. a few thunderstorms we have had. you may see lightning in the distance. northern brevard county back through orange, this line is moving quickly. it is not going to be with us for long. a few isolated showers through osceola and polk county. futurecast shows that moving out by 7:00 a.m. we will see a mix of sun and clouds as we had through the day. that makes for a nice friday afternoon. the temperature is cooler than yesterday. heading into the mid to upper 70' s. we will talk more about your
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s get a traffic update. ted: we are looking at a closure from the on ramp of 535 to i for eastbound. you might want a use state road 536 as your backup. construction has wrapped up on i-4. things are looking great in the key congestion spot. turnpike to colonial, only eight minutes. i-95 southbound through volusia, i will talk about this coming up. jason: this morning, three teens are recovering after their truck overturned in a brevard county canal. firefighters rushed to the scene along quarno road in sharpes yesterday afternoon. deputies say the teens were riding in some soft sand when the truck lost control and flipped onto its roof. there wasn' t much water in the canal and rescuers were able to pull them to safety. the 14-year-old, 18-year-old, and 19-year-old in the vehicle,
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the city of altamonte springs and uber are set to announce plans for a historic partnership. this morning the two sides will announce a year long pilot program, it will make altamonte springs the first fully integrated uber city. the goal is to determine the impact ride-hailing technology can have on the city' s overall mobility plan. leaders say they hope the program will boost sunrail ridership, and help cut down on traffic congestion. >> it' s cheaper than a regular taxi and the people are cleaner and nicer than most of the taxicab drivers. >> so this is good news for you . think you' ll use it? >> yes. jason: full details of the plan will be announced at 10:00 this morning at altamonte springs city hall. soon people in volusia county may not go to jail if their caught with marijuana. yesterday county council members passed an ordinance which gives law enforcement flexibility to fine people caught with 20-grams of weed or less. if you' re caught, police could just give you a citation instead of arresting you. this all goes into affect on april 1, but only applies to
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and the beach. happening today. an orlando road will begin it' s year-long closure as part of the ongoing i-4 ultimate project. garland avenue from west colonial drive to marks street will be shut down starting at 9:30 this morning. the drainage and bridge work in the area is expected to take 14 months. the recommended detour is to use orange avenue or magnolia avenue. the orlando magic looking for back to back wins tonight. which team is challenging them tonight. plus the orlando city lions getting ready for their season opener. the new star player that will be arriving to town today.
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jason: the orlando city lions preparing for their home opener and getting some new star power. plus some of the best swimmers in the world care competing in orlando. stewart moore has your morning sports. >> a little more than two days, the lions will kickoff their second season. they are standing by the slogan silva bowl. it is popping up on social media and around town. orlando announcing that tony will arrive in central florida later this morning. he is not expected to play in the opener. the captain has already been caught up by the brazilian
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qualifiers area and he will return for the home match against the portland timbers. he is not expected to miss any games for orlando. city fans are getting warmed up for the game with a thursday night run. fans ran around and got a game -- with reservation -- with registration. katie lead deck he smoked the field, including ms. ce franklin in the freestyle. the most decorated olympic athlete is here. he was victorious in the 100 meter butterfly. conor dwyer won the freestyle. it is the beginning of the end for baseball. the washington nationals will
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palm beach. the nats got their bats going early. bryce harper picks up right where he left off. it is bittersweet for the fans. >> i feel sorry for those guys having to sit on the bus for all of those hours. >> the nationals will play their final game march 28. back victories after winning bulls. tipoff is set for 7:00. the magic run the league and dallas mavericks and new york knicks are in. out.
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solar bears getting ready for a grueling three games in new hampshire. they face the monarchs. that is it for sports. have a great weekend. jason: still ahead, we have a check of your forecast. let' s show you i-4 on the right of your screen.
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is jason: michelle imperato joins us with a preview. michelle: closing arguments set to begin today in the erin andrews stalking trial. then, a painful getaway. new video captures how one
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bike week is writing into daytona beach. -- bike week is riding into daytona beach. jason: we will see you in a few minutes. let' s get back to the forecast. this morning, rain is coming down. amy: it will not last much longer. it is whipping through here quickly. yesterday we made it to the upper 70' s and a lower 80' s. still some sunshine. much cooler today. we have a lot of clouds right now. 65 in orlando. the wind is on the breezy side.
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the cold front is off to the north. there have been a couple of thunderstorms here. nothing severe. there are a couple of spots where the rain is coming down. if you are waking up early, maybe you can hear it. not much happening across polk county. temperatures warmer than yesterday. most areas, we have the cloud cover keeping us warmer the rain has moved through your area. the wind will start shifting coming in behind the front. that will bring us some sunshine later today.
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76, eustis. 77, longwood and oviedo. we will climb to 78 in winter park. temperatures along the coast, much cooler to the north. 79 is where we are heading for the high today. if you' re heading to the beach, choppiness going on. as far as the rip current risk, that is low for now. into the weekend, we are going to see this week front that will be sliding through. i do not expect any rain. it will reinforce the cool, dry air. into the weekend, the morning lows will be cooler. next week, we will be in the low
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jason: look at all of the flashing lights here. it looks like a lot. only one lane is taken out. occasionally, we are seeing traffic slowdown. if you' re going to travel through volusia county, a crash came and went. it is slick out there. give yourself extra time. we are continuing to follow breaking news this morning. a man is hit and killed on a local road tonight. what police are telling us about their investigation. >> orlando police are working to piece together how [indiscernible]
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about the investigation. jason: rain this morning as you head out. [indiscernible] make sure you search for wesh in your app. announcer: local, live, latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jazmin: -- jason: a heated battle in detroit.
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michelle: if you are looking out your window and you see rain drops, don' t worry. it is not a good indicator of the rest of our day. amy: even by sunrise, the rain will be gone. 40 to 50 miles per hour is how fast the rain is rolling through. you may be waking up and hearing a little bit of it outside. we will have some cloud cover. as the air keeps working in today, we will end up with sunshine this afternoon and see temperatures top out in the mid to upper 70' s. there have been a few thunderstorms as it rolls


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